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Morning sickness - breach presentation - induction - carpal tunnel syndrome
It is of course understandable that you want the best for yourself and your unborn baby. Acupuncture, a treatment that has been in continuous use in parts of the world for many centuries, may be just what you are looking for. Professional Acupuncture practitioners who are registered with the British Acupuncture Council (look for the initials MBAcC) will have completed  an accredited degree (or equivalent) course, and will be fully conversant with  how to treat you safely during your pregnancy. They will conduct their practice according to strict hygiene guidelines, using only disposable needles.

Morning sickness responds extremely well to acupuncture treatment, as many women who have benefited can testify. Malposition of the foetus  in the 8th month of pregnancy can often be rectified with moxa therapy. The outcome in this case is dependant on factors such as the size of the baby, but this simple treatment is, according to recent research, effective in around 50% of cases.

There are some acupuncture points that are forbidden for use during  pregnancy, but by the same token these points may be safely used to induce labour where the baby is overdue. Please do talk this over with your midwife before contacting us.

And what about after you have given birth? Post-natal  depression can be a serious problem, after all you have had to adjust to the loss of quite a lot of fluid and body heat, not to mention a few pounds in weight! Once again, acupuncture can be very helpful.
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