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What Is Acupuncture All About?
Traditional acupuncture, which has been in continuous use for nearly 4,000 years,  treats not only your main complaint, it works on your overall health and vitality. For this reason, it is not unusual to find that, in addition to improving your main complaint, secondary problems, as well as sleeping, appetite, general energy levels and zest for life get better.

What Happens When I Visit An Acupuncturist?
At the first session, a detailed case history will be taken in order to assess the underlying imbalance from which the presenting symptoms spring.
   The acupuncturist will read the pulses on each wrist in order to determine the state of  each of the 12 main energy meridians, and you may be asked about your lifestyle, family or even your favourite time of year. Gentle touch may be used to determine distribution of body heat, and to locate any areas of tenderness. This information will give the practitioner an idea of which treatment points to use.

Will I Feel The Needles?
Some people are put off acupuncture because they assume it will hurt. In fact, the insertion of the needle should not be felt, although after insertion there may be a momentary sensation like a dull ache as the energy starts to flow. It is not necessary to feel anything to obtain the benefits. Most people are surprised how fine the needles are, much finer than those used for injections. Only the best disposable needles are used, under strict conditions of hygiene. In general, very few needles are used in treatment.
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