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‘I  Need Help With My Performance Levels’
Strains & sprains, stage fright, voice problems, sore knees and back
Are you struggling to reach the peak of your performance, either mentally or physically? Do you have a persistent injury or a strain that is preventing you from going that last mile? Are you suffering from performance nerves? Or perhaps your voice is suffering under the strain of  those continual high notes. Maybe you can’t quite reach that high kick.

You intuitively know that something is not right, but can’t quite put your finger on it.

Five element acupuncture works on the principle that in order for you to realise your potential, all aspects of your body and mind must be working in harmony, much like a cast of actors or a sports  team.

During your first visit, you will be asked  about your physical condition, lifestyle, reactions to different climatic conditions, and so on. Your pulse and tongue will be examined, and from all these the nature of your disharmony can be deduced, and corrective treatment prescribed.