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Can You Help With My Depression & Anxiety?
Anxiety, panic attacks, mood swings, fear, lack of motivation, lethargy, palpitations, shakiness, nerves, nervous stomach, seasonal affective disorder.
Five element acupuncture is based on the principle that true health and well-being involves the a balance between  five fundamental aspects of ourselves. In terms of our emotions, the basic building blocks are :-

Joy (fun)
Sympathy (mothering)
Anger (assertiveness)
Grief (tears).

These feelings are an essential part of  our human nature - the real problem occurs when we become stuck in one or other of these emotions. We are perhaps unable to express joy, or we burst into tears at the slightest provocation. Five element acupuncture aims to identify and correct this imbalance, and  to give you your life back.

So what happens when you visit a professional acupuncturist?
During your first visit, you will be asked  about your physical condition, lifestyle, reactions to different climatic conditions, and so on. Your pulse and tongue will be examined, and from all these the nature of your disharmony can be deduced, and corrective treatment prescribed.

Treatment may consist of acupuncture, moxa therapy, cupping, auricular treatment, dietary advice and acupressure massage. A course of treatment is usually required, the exact number of visits is usually dependant on the severity of the condition.

When the course is complete you will be offered top-up treatments to keep you on track, and to help you feel supported.

Please give us a call for more information on how we can help  
With moxa therapy, the moxa herb is lit and is allowed to gently smoulder in order to provide therapeutic warmth.
This is especially useful if you suffer from the cold, or your symptoms are worse in Winter.