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Hopi Ear Candles
Hopi Ear Candles
Hello I’m Philippa Dean, Massage Therapist and Reflexologist, with over 13 years therapy experience.

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Hopi ear candles can be helpful for:-

blockages in the ear and sinuses, pressure regulation in cases of headache, migraine, sinusitis and rhinitis; tinnitus, co-ordination of the cerebral hemispheres. It is often very effective with children.

The use of ear candles to relieve problems related to the ear and head area can be traced back to the Indians of North & South America, especially the Hopi people.
In a treatment a Hopi ear candle is inserted into the outer ear, with the patient lying on his/her side. The candle is lit and burns down within ten to fifteen minutes. Afterwards the ears are gently massaged and pressure points and massage are used on the face and head to complete the treatment. The whole treatment is extremely relaxing.
After a treatment, clients can sometimes experience a reduction in wax or debris in the ear and a decrease in feelings of fullness in the head.

Three distinct effects are noted:-
A mild pressure (the chimney effect) which gently moves to clear the sinuses and eustachian tubes -  a soothing liberating, light sensation in the ear/head area -  gentle thermal stimulation of the energy points and reflex zones   
Note - this treatment should not be used if you have a perforated eardrum or an ear infection.
Safe for use on children