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Indian Head Massage
Indian Head Neck & Shoulder Massage
This type of Massage has been (and still is) practiced in India for over a thousand years.  Indian children are taught it at an early age.  Originally it was women who used the technique to keep their long hair in a healthy and beautiful condition.  Aromatic oils were also massaged into their hair and scalp.  They believed the secret behind lustrous growth of hair was regular massage of the scalp, which  improves and revitalises  circulation  of the hair roots and is also extremely relaxing.

The upper back, neck, arms, head and face are worked on in this treatment. The benefits are numerous and include reduction in tension in these vulnerable parts of the body, as well as helping to ‘de-stress’ you.  Most people experience a sense of calm and peace during a treatment.  The           
treatment is safe to use in pregnancy.

Will It Help Me?

Head Massage Stimulates and improves scalp circulation, which helps to promote texture, combined with strength and growth of hair.  It relaxes the scalp and tones up subcutaneous muscles, thus helping to relieve headaches, eyestrain  and sinus problems.
As Narendra Mehta writes in his book about Indian Head Massage:-
“The simple act of sitting down and being still, with someone’s healing