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Massage for Women ...
What Is Massage?
Massage is a series of stroking, pressure and kneading movements, applied directly to the surface of the body. One of the prime benefits of massage is to the muscular system.
Depending on whether the strokes used are relaxing or stimulating, muscles may be loosened and relaxed; if they are tight or knotty, or toned, if they are found to be too loose, or lacking in tone.  In restoring a balanced tone to the muscles, massage also aids the circulation of  blood and lymph in the system.
Massage not only affects a person physically, improving muscular tone and
bringing about relief from pain, it can also produce profound emotional changes.  It will relieve stress and anxiety and therefore is of great benefit to people suffering from any stress-related disorders.   Massage affects not only the musculo-skeletal system, but the circulation and the meridians, or energy channels of the body, bringing about a sense of wholeness, from which our own healing energies can be released.  It is an ideal accompaniment to other forms of healing, conventional or complementary.