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What My Clients Say
‘A year ago I was suffering from Post Viral Fatigue which left me exhausted and unable to work. My hospital specialist suggested trying Reflexology, and although I was sceptical I was willing to give anything a try.

I find Philippa to be very friendly and warm. The support and treatment I have received from her over the past eight months has helped me to return to my normal life. I am truly grateful.’.
Mrs A.,  Toton

‘I went to Philippa on the recommendation of a friend, following months of feeling unwell.  Over the next few months the Reflexology and discussions with her, helped me come to terms with this feeling and gradually it helped me to relax, to look at life with a more positive attitude and gave me a feeling of inner well-being.  My health is now fully restored and I am feeling full of energy once again’.

Mrs G, Bramcote
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