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What Do We Mean By Healing?
We are  made up of more than just flesh and bone, for each of us is a complex mix of thoughts, emotions and beliefs.  To illustrate this, look at how we carry within us the outlook of  our parents and grandparents, and how this shapes our everyday thoughts and behaviour. It is also a part of human nature to hang on to memories of  negative experiences - instead of dealing with them we push them below the surface until they make us unhappy or unwell. We may come to believe that we are not worthy, or that we are physically unattractive. All of this experience is held in the electromagnetic aura (or energy field) that surrounds our bodies.
Against this backdrop, healing is  therefore the process of making us whole again, taking full account of both Body Mind and Spirit.

What Will Happen During A Treatment?
A healing session usually takes place in a relaxed and calm setting. You will first be asked a little about yourself and the focus of the treatment, and then  asked to lie or sit down and Martin will place his hands on or near your body. This  allows healing energy to flow into you, rather like reviving a car with a jump lead. You will start drawing the healing you need, like a sponge absorbs water. It is common for both Martin and you
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