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Since 1978 we have kept dogs as our companions and enjoyed showing them. We do not breed commercially. Occasionally we breed a litter of puppies, reared in our home, with temperament and health being our primary concerns. We are members of "Better British Breeders" and Kennel Club Accredited Breeders with all three accolades. You will see the mother of the puppies and probably a number of other relations - uncle, aunt, grandma etc. A SHARDLOW puppy is only available to a carefully chosen home after we are satisifed of it's future well-being in that home. You do not have to own a mansion or a Roll's Royce, but you do need to have an endless supply of dedication, love and commitment. If you are interested in a puppy from us please contact us with details of your family.



Our dogs are all tested for any hereditary defects known in their breed, whether we breed from them or not. Our Lhasa Apsos are tested annually for GPRA and hold current unaffected KC/BVA certificates. Some have also been ERG tested. Our Tibetan Terrier has had her hips X-rayed and scored. Our Pug has had her spine X-rayed and is clear of hemivertebrae.



Our bitches are never left to whelp on their own. Jane sleeps with them from before the bitch is due to whelp and is there throughout the whelping. For at least the first few days, to ensure the health of both bitch and puppies, they are supervised around the clock. The Veterinary centre is only two miles away and has excellent facilities.



The puppies are all born and reared in our house, not in a shed or barn. The puppies are all brought up to be familiar with the sounds of TV, radio, washing machine, vacuum cleaner etc and are socialised with humans and, when old enough, with our other dogs. They listen to a socialisation CD of trains, traffic, fireworks etc.

When you collect your puppy you will be given some vetbed with familiar smells of it's home and littermates, and it's favourite toy. An initial food supply is also provided, normally with some other freebies, free initial insurance cover etc etc.



We would never breed from any animal that did not have a suitable temperament. Our dogs are all out-going and friendly and we only ever use a stud dog that also has a good temperament.


Kennel Club Registration

Our puppies are all pure bred and are registered at the Kennel Club. You will be able to transfer the puppy into your own name. Unless we are exporting the puppy to you or have made a prior agreement then the registrations are endorsed as "Progeny not eligible for registration" and "Not eligible for Export Pedigree". Note however, we do not normally export our puppies, preferring them to remain within UK.



All of our adults and puppies are normally ear tattoed for identification purposes and registered on the National Dog Tattoo Register (NDTR). The NDTR will be advised of the new puppy owner's address and contact details. Alternatively, where it has not been possible to tattoo the puppies, they are microchipped.



When you collect your puppy it will be insured, free of charge, with PetPlan for the first four weeks that it is with you. PetPlan will then contact you to offer you continuation of insurance cover. We would recommend that you continue to insure your pet with a reputable insurer since veterinary treatment can be very costly.



Our puppies are all wormed from 2 weeks of age, at regular intervals, until they go to their new homes.



You will be expected to sign a formal agreement when you purchase your puppy. In accordance with the endorsements on the Kennel Club registration you must not breed from the puppy or export it to another country outside the UK. We merely wish to safeguard our puppies from use in indiscriminate breeding programs, from being used by puppy farmers, or from being sold abroad without our knowledge. If, in the future, you were to emigrate we would lift the endorsement that prevents export.
The agreement also states that if you do not keep the puppy, for whatever reason, it must be returned, unconditionally, to us. In other words, you cannot re-sell the puppy or even give it away. If you cannot keep it (or even do not wish to keep it) then we will have it back and find it another new home ourselves. We feel a life-long obligation to our puppies and do not wish to see them end up in RSPCA or Rescue kennels.
In certain circumstances we are willing to amend this agreement, for instance, if we have agreed to export a puppy to you outside UK for showing and breeding.



We supply guidance notes for you on training, feeding and after care, and of course we are only a phone-call away if you need to ask us questions, or just to tell us how wonderful your canine companion is.


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