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- October 2005



Enya at Crufts 2001


Enya in the snow December 1999

Playing in the snow!

"Enya" at 3 weeks - the black at the back

Three weeks old, "Enya" is the black at the back.


Enya at 10 weeks Enya at 6 months

Ten weeks (left) and 6 months (right)

After years of planning she finally arrived. What can we say about Enya? To meet her is to fall in love with her - this especially applies to men. (I wish that I knew her secret!). "Enya" was born in February 1999 in Ballyboughal, Dublin. She joined us in May 1999. Her nickname is "Slug" as she is a garden pest - leaving no stone unturned, no plant still rooted, and collecting wildlife such as snails and maybugs to deposit on the lounge floor. She also decides that the garden needs watering and unravels the hose pipe all the way down to the bottom of the garden in preparation - I think that it is now a sprinkler version.

Our house and garden have gradually been converted to be suitable for a Wolfhound. Gone are the days of garden tubs that had pretty flowers in them - they are just too attractive and they are also within her reach. Now it's got to be hanging baskets! And that lovely trailing hanging plant in the kitchen? - now severely pruned. Allan has to watch his drinks glass, as Enya partially drank two glasses of wine and a vodka in one night (and can obviously hold her drink as she appeared to be none the worse for it).

"Enya" has been tested for GPRA under the BVA/KC scheme and holds an "Unaffected" certificate. Her hip score is 4:4 total 8. Enya gave birth to a litter of puppies on March 22nd 2002. The sire of the litter was Champion Fearnhead Apollo at Baronglen. This will be her one and only litter. See her daughter Minnie.

Enya then lived with another Wolfhound, "Derenca", and Vanessa Williams. Thank you Vanessa for offering Enya such a superb home with acres of land to roam and horses to play with. Enya and Derenca treated everyone to their own version of the dawn chorus!


Sadly Enya was taken from us far too early in 2005 due to an aggressive bone cancer and Derenca only survuived her bt a few months.

Nutstown Adare (Enya's sire) - photo by Hennie Bouman

Ir Ch Nutstown Adare (Enya's sire)

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