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Welcome to our gallery of dogs which have graced life at Shardlow.


Westwold Elio - "Spider"

Ch Chambrais Charmaine at Shardlow - "Heike"

Gilcoru Cartier D'Brie at Shardlow - "Crumpet"

Lysdenoire Celeste at Shardlow - "Voodoo"


Westwold Elio

Spider was my very first Briard and he taught me so much about the breed. His dam was the famous Ch Westwold Butterfly and I was honoured that Christine Cherington used to let her come and stay with me sometimes. Sadly Spider's life was not long enough.


CH Chambrais Charmaine at Shardlow

Heike came to us shortly after Spider died. Heike was wonderful as a companion and as a show dog. She showed me new heights and was my first champion in any breed.


Gilcoru Cartier D'Brie at Shardlow

Crumpet is the fawn Briard

Crumpet was so named because she was intended to be a "bit of crumpet" for Sparky. Crumpet was shown as a puppy and did very well indeed. Sadly a personality clash developed between Crumpet and Hattie and so Crumpet returned to her breeders Jan & Gordon Rual where she has blessed them with a few litters of puppies.


Lysdenoire Celeste at Shardlow

Voodoo graced us with her presence for a while and then moved on to live with Judy and her family where she activley enjoys obedience work.


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