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Welcome to our gallery of dogs which have graced life at Shardlow.


Lhasa Apsos



Bentarsna Saint She Aint at Shardlow


Fanta - photo by Carol Ann Johnson

Photo by Carol Ann Johnson


Bred by Florence Fahey and Fr Joe Shire in Limerick, Fanta had a famous sire in Ch/Ir Ch Saxonsprings Tradition.

 In April 2000 she started her show career with Allan handling her and they had great fun and lots of rosettes.





Deelayne Dish of the Day at Shardlow

"Tinker" at 6 months "Tinker" at 12 months

Tinker december 1999

Having been smitten with Disney we just had to have a second Lhasa and approached Madeleine Lewis who agreed to let us have a puppy. We had thought it unlikely to find another Lhasa with such a big character as Disney had, but Tinker is just as barmy.

This little gold "tomboy" grew up to be a beautiful girl.

At the 1998 shows she performed very well, qualifying for Crufts on several occasions and with many Open show BPIB, BOB and group placings to her credit. She was entered for Crufts 1999 but her coat was not in top condition so she did not appear there. She spent 1999 and 2000 window shopping for a new party dress but never found anything that she liked.

In the meantime she had her wish and was a mother to three healthy bitch puppies born in 2000 (sire Shardlow Hakuna Matata) and 3 bitch /two dog puppies born December 2001, (sire Ch Kutani Reckless).

Tinker's puppies on completion of whelpingTinker's puppies December 2001






Shardlow Sultan of Swing

Woody in February 2003. Now owned by Julie & Chris Lee.





Bentarsna Silence Spoken

Taylor spent a few months with us being shown in UK. He was born in Ireland, bred by Florence Fahey and Fr Joe Shire. We won a RCC with Taylor at the LAC CHampionship show.







We bred our first litter of Lhasa Apso puppies in December 1998, from our foundation bitch Bentarnsa Ebony'N Ivory at Shardlow (Imp)(IKC), otherwise known as "Disney". She was mated to Kutani Soldier Soldier who later became a champion. From this litter we kept a male, Shardlow Hakuna Matata whose pet name is "Buzz". Also in the litter were Shardlow Tickle the Ivories (Yetti), Mango, and Bessie.


Bessie beggingSweet Bessie






Our second litter was born in June 2000, once again to "Disney" and Champion Kutani Soldier Soldier. The male that we would have kept went to our friend Kurt Espeland in Norway. This boy, Shardlow Born to be Wild, is known as "Harley" to his friends. He is a Champion in many countries.


Snoopy (Shardlow Fly Without Wings) is shown on the left with his new family on arrival at his new home. Sadly Snoopy's new Mum, Rita, died in 2003 but we soon managed to find him the right new home with Meg.

Margaret Springett of the Pawprints affix shows a dog from this litter - Shardlow Stand and Deliver to Pawprints, affectionately known as Turpin. These photos show Turpin as a baby (right), an adolescent (below left) and as an adult (below right).

Turpin as a baby
Turpin as an adolescent

The only bitch in this litter was Shardlow Candle in the Wind (Mollie).

Mollie as a baby






Our third litter came from "Tinkerbell" - Deelyane Dish of the Day at Shardlow, mated to our own Shardlow Hakuna Matata. From this litter, born in December 2000 we kept Shardlow Raindrops on Roses - "Smartie". Also in this litter was Shardlow Utterly Butterly (Daisy) and Shardlow Fortune Cookie (Pippin).

This is Daisy at nine weeks old.

Daisy as a baby

and Pippin at nine weeks old.






A year later, in December 2001, "Tinkerbell" produced a litter to Kutani Reckless, who became a champion in 2003. In this litter there were two boys and three girls.

Tinker's puppies on completion of whelping

We initially kept a boy and a girl: Shardlow Sultan of Swing and Shardlow Wind in the Willow respectively. For their sins they are known as "Woody" and "Willow". Woody now lives with owner Julie Lee.

The other boy was Shardlow Amaretto (Almond) and the girls were Shardlow Twinkle Twinkle (Darcey) and Shardlow Simply Tiggerific (Misty).

Darcey's first bath

Darcey is pictured here after her first bath, ready to go to her new home. Darcey is a well-known character in the pet shop that her people own.

Misty pictured in 2006, owned by Mark Trimmer.







November 2002 our imported bitch Panaphia's Midnight Flame for Shardlow gave birth to six puppies, five blacks and one grey. The sire was Champion Avonbourne All Spice. Two of these remain at Shardlow - Shardlow Party Popper and Shardlow Ragtaggle Gypsy.

Diesel with owner Ann Spicer

January 2003, and Disney had a litter but was unfortunately taken very ill, the pups needing hand-rearing. Lou Hayward came to our rescue and raised Shardlow Tiger Lily (Lily) and Shardlow Tiggerific (Tigger). Meanwhile, Smartie (Shardlow Raindrops on Roses) was busy with her own litter of five pups, but she happily adopted Lily & Tigger as her own when they returned to us aged 3 weeks.







Rosie (Shardlow Coming Up Roses) is pictured here in her home. She is adored by her owner, Hayley Western.

Georgie - owned by Linda & Tony Gardner

Georgie again, isn't he lucky to live near the beach!

Louie - owned by Jan & Candy Sabat

Clyde and Holly - owned by Maureen and Angela and Steve Lakins respectively.

Harry Dove, much adored by the Dove family.

Pictured on the right is Isabelle who keeps owners Helen and Tracey amused. Isn't her name tag very chic?

Harvey Wilkinson-Jones, aged 10 weeks, a born landscape gardener.

Ollie Ely-Harris, looking very dapper.

Harry impersonating the Sphinx (rather impressive!)

Bob and Jem enjoying blowing out the cobwebs.

Another Ollie - Ollie Pullee








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