Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Nordic, Polish and International FCI Champion
Shardlow Born to be Wild

Harley, from an oil paiting by Susan Harper (copyright Susan Harper)

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Harley is from a repeat of the mating that produced our "Buzz" - by Ch Kutani Soldier Soldier and out of Bentarsna Ebony 'N Ivory at Shardlow (Imp)(IKC).

Harley was born 2/6/2000.


Harley is now owned by Panaphia kennels in Norway. He arrived in Norway on 19th July 2001 and promptly took the dog CC at his first show - the Lhasa Specialty. On 11th August 2001 he won the dog CC, Best Dog and Best of Breed at the Norsk Kennel Club show under judge Svein Helgeson (Tanac). In September he won his 3rd CC with BOB and became a Norwegian Champion. We are so very proud of Harley. Thank you to Kurt Espeland for having faith in us and for showing Harley so well. Harley is also a Champion in the countries of Finland, Dennark, Sweden, Nordic Champion and International champion. He has currently (as at July 2003) won 7 CACIBs in Norway.

Harley won the CAC and Gdh in Germany June 2006 and also the CAC in Poland to become the first Shardlow bred International champion. Many thanks Kurt and everyone else who has played a part in campaigning Harley so well. To know Harley is to love him.


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Harley has proved himself as a stud dog by siring three Australian Champions bred by Alison Scott. He also has progeny being shown in many other countries includng Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Harley's son, Norw & Danish Ch Panaphia's Kenzo By Midnight, was Lhasa Apso of the year in Norway 2006. His son Danish & Swedish CH Medoc Hot Gossip was the Lhasa Apso of the year in Denmark 2006.


Harley down the drain
Harley 19/2/2001 Harley 19/2/01 Harley, August 2001


 Harley at Crufts 2001


Harley at Crufts 2001


In Crumbach on the 27th of August, Norw, Fin, Danish
Nordic, Swed & Polish CH Shardlow Born To Be Wild
with Katja winning
Well done!!!
Judge: Martha Heine, D


Harley as a Veteran



The photo below is of Harley's litter brother - Shardlow Stand and Deliver to Pawprints - "Turpin" who is owned by Margaret Springett. Turpin went BPIS at Chertsey Open show. He won the Post Graduate Dog class at Crufts 2003.

Turpin at 8 months

Turpin at 8 months

Before Harley left the UK he sired a litter for Judy Peglar. This is his son Clyde (Cedarpoint Golden Eclipse). Clyde
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