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Fatal Attraction of Triskele

"Hattie" at 12 months "Hattie" at 7 years



Hattie was my personal soulmate. We had been through so much together over the years and she had always been my very best friend. As a puppy she was Top Black Puppy Bitch 1991 (courtesy British Briard Club points) and together with Sparky she achieved Top Brace two years running (courtesy British Briard Club points). Always a mischievous puppy, she would eat anything you tried to take from her, but the worst she did was to steal a disposable razor from the dressing table and eat it whole. It came out in several pieces with the razor separate from the plastic casing and luckily no harm was done. On another occasion some plastic flower pots totally disappeared from the shed and five weeks later these erupted from her mouth having travelled around her system for all that time - the vet said that foreign bodies can do this until something triggers a reaction to expel them! After her showing days were over, and her coat was clipped, she became a regular couch potato enjoying life on the sofa and keeping track of the youngsters.

When Hattie was diagnosed with a mast cell tumour beneath one eye the vet did not know whether she had only days/weeks or months. She defied them all and carried on for another four years, finally succombing to mammary tumours. She was the best dog ever and I will always miss her. Hattie was so very, very special to me. Have a wonderful time in doggie heaven, Hattie, with your playmates.

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