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Lhasa Apsos

Disney with Tibetan monk Ven Tanzin Kunga

The first Lhasa Apso to arrive at Shardlow was Disney back in 1997 and of course you cannot stop at just one (or even two, three.......)
Pictured on the left is our first Lhasa Apso, "Disney", with a Tibetan monk, Ven Tanzin Kunga, from the Tashi Lhunpo monastery. The photo was taken in 2002 during the "Sacred Sounds from Tibet" tour featuring "The Power of Compassion".
Visit the Tashi Lhunpo Monastery website at


We love living with the Lhasas, their characters are huge and they are so full of fun.

The Tashi Lhunpo monks dancing Another photo taken in 2002 during the "Sacred Sounds from Tibet" tour.


Greta's pups born November 2002

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gold paw "Smartie"










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