In July 2006 Jane began studying Shiatsu for Dogs 'Healing Through Touch' at Roseheart Kingdom 'Therapy Centre for Animals' under the guidance of Jacqueline Cook, Pioneer of Dog Shiatsu.

Shiatsu for Animals Lineage

  Shizuto Masunaga

Zen Shiatsu was established by Shizuto Masunaga, later Pioneer of meridian extensions; today taught in every school and in every language of human shiatsu, known as 'Masunaga Extensions'

Wataru Ohashi

Student & Teacher of Shizuto Masunaga, Pioneer of Ohashiatsu 'A touch of peace' emphasis on 'being not doing'

 Pamela Hannay

Student & Teacher of Wataro Ohashi, Pioneer of Equine Shiatsu

  Jacqueline Cook

Student & Teacher of Pamela Hannay & Wataru Ohashi, Pioneer of Dog Shiatsu

Jane Paradise

Shiatsu for Dogs Level 1 student of Jacqueline Cook



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