Sherwood Times

newspaper dates from A.D.1190-4 and features:

Major Oak - Sherwood Forest
King Richard's Crusade
King Sets Off
Two Kings in Sicily
Siege of Acre
Marriage Arranged
King Richard Weds
Arrival at Acre
Acre Falls
Battle of Arsuf
Retreat from Holy City
Saladin Defeated at Jaffa
King Richard Captured
Eleanor of Aquitaine
William Marshall
Earl John
Chancellor Longchamps
Double Dealing
Attack on Nottm. Castle


Tales of Robin Hood
Robin's Story
Little John's Story
Brother Tuck's Story
Ballad of Alan a Dale
Sherwood Forest
Sir Richard at the Lee
Robin Hood and the Potter
Sheriff Fooled
Debt Repaid Thrice
Sir Guy of Gisborne
Little John Rescued
Silver Arrow Contest
Robin Shoots the Sheriff
Robin and Marian
King Richard Meets Robin

Robin and Little John

Marian Fitzwater
(reporter for the
Sherwood Times)
Robin Hood - good samaritan?
Little John - gentle giant?
Brother Tuck - a hermit monk
Alan a Dale - a minstrel
King Arthur's Knights
Lancelot and Guinevere
Lancelot and Elaine
Erec and Enide
Alexander and Soredamors


Lord Byron
Eric Coates
Alan Sillitoe
Alma Reville Hitchcock
Fred Karno
Morgan Kingston
Sherwood Spirit
Sherwood Rangers
Sherwood Foresters
Pilgrim Fathers
General Booth
Captain Ball, VC
Harold Larwood
Tommy Lawton
Nottingham Castle
Times (Great Entertainers) features:
Al Jolson Al Jolson
Judy Garland

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