The Robin Hood Musical

Ballad of Robin Hood and Little John

When Robin Hood was a young outlaw, 
He happened to meet this Little John, 
A jolly brisk blade, fit for the trade, 
For he was a lusty strong young man. 
Though he was called Little, his limbs were large
 And his stature was seven foot high. 
Where-ere he came, they quaked at his name, 
For soon he would make them all fly, 
They met by chance on a narrow bridge 
And neither of them would give their way.
 Quoth bold Robin Hood, sturdily stood: 
'With my staff I will show you fine play.' 
At first Robin gave the stranger a bang, 
So hard it made all his bones ring. 
The stranger said: 'This must be re-paid, 
I'll give you as good as you bring.' 
The stranger cracked Robin on his crown 
And soon some blood began to appear. 
Then Robin, enraged, fiercely engaged 
And followed his blows much more severe. 
So thick and fast did he lay it on him 
With great passion, fury and ire, 
With every stroke, Robin made him smoke 
As if he had been all on fire. 
The stranger began to lose his cool 
And gave the outlaw a damning look, 
Then with a blow that laid him full low 
He tumbled Robin into the brook. 
'I prithee good fellow, where art thou now?' 
The stranger in laughter he cried. 
Quoth bold Robin: 'Good faith in the flood, 
I'm floating along with the tide.' 
He presently waded to the bank 
And there pulled himself out by a thorn, 
Which done at the last, he blowed a blast
 Through the forest on his bugle horn. 
The valleys did resound with its echoes 
At which his stout bowmen appeared, 
In Lincoln green, a sight to be seen, 
So up to their master they steered. 
The outlaw said: 'Don't fret my stout friend, 
These good bowmen all on me do wait, 
There's three score and nine if you'll be mine,  
For you shall have my livery straight.' 
'I'll give you my good hand,' the stranger said, 
'And I'll serve you with all my heart. 
My name's John Little, a man of good mettle, 
Ne'er doubt me for I'll play my part.

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