Clicky Starter


Clicky Starter Problems.

Ever jumped in your Zuk, Turned the key and nothing not a click absolutely nothing its dead its deceased the jeep is no more.

Head scratch, looked under bonnet nothing obvious wiggle a few wires. Turn on the head lights they seem to have full power so not a flat Battery! Try again but still she will not fire into life. Leave for a random period of time and hay presto it starts this could be the answer for you!!!!!!!!!!!!



What the problem could be.

Random acts of immobilization of the vehicle could be down to the starter motor solenoid or to be more precise the small and very under rated cable which comes from the ignition switch to the solenoid. To find out whether this could be the reason for the non-operating solenoid try this:

When the old girl refuses to start. Take a screwdriver that has a non insulated shaft, attach one end of a Jump lead to it, then attach the other end to the positive of the battery. Disconnect the spade crimp from the solenoid, carefully touch the screwdriver onto this terminal, the engine will turn, if you have left the ignition on then it will start so be very cautious.

This little test if it works will prove that the fault lies not with the starter solenoid but with what make the solenoid work.

You could do what I did and spend several hours removing the starter motor stripping it down cleaning it finding nothing obvious, testing it nothing wrong put it back in the car worked for weeks then the refusal to start happened again. Changed starter for spare one was fine for about a year until one day I stopped for lunch In the middle of Exmoor whilst on holiday, went to start and nothing. After 5 minutes of panic, brain engaged and the trusty screwdriver and jump lead technique was employed and hay presto she fired into life had no problem again for the rest of the trip. After that I decided to do somethin

Starter Motor Education

So how does turning the ignition Key Make the engine go round?

The starting system has three components.

A reasonable powerful motor.

A relay and plunger (The solenoid)

A Pinion which moves in and out to engage on the fly wheel.


When the ignition key is turned. Voltage and current flows through the small wire connected between the ST terminal and the small terminal on the solenoid.

Inside the solenoid is a coil, once this is energized it becomes a magnet and pulls the plunger onto the switch contacts, at the same time the plunger via a lever pushes the Pinion towards the flywheel and they engage. Now that the solenoid switch has operated voltage & current from the battery can flow to the starter motor and it hopefully will go round.

So what happens when you turn the key and nothing at all happens?

Try the jump lead and screwdriver trick if that works then suspect the switch wire, this can easily be solved.

You can by from some Ebayers a "Clicky Starter fix Kit" for about £12.00 plus P&P but why.

All it consists of is:



An automotive relay

And four terminated wires (possibly different colors if you get a posh one)

Installation/wiring diagram




So What do you Need


One of these.







Some ring terminal crimps

Some spade terminal crimps

Some 1.5mm≤ wire


Thatís is it really it apart from a drawing to tell you where to stick the wires






Mount the relay near the battery

Disconnect the wire on the starter solenoid and connect it to terminal 86

Connect an earth wire to terminal 85

Connect a Positive feed to terminal 30 from the battery

Connect terminal 87 to the solenoid terminal

Hopefully if youíve got it right then when you turn the ignition key the engine should fire! And keep on starting until the day the starter motor gives up.