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Last updated on the 22nd December 2008
















All the collections went well apart from ASDA, who double booked us on 2 separate occasions and our collections were therefore cancelled.


However the collections at Decora, St Giles Centre and Tesco, together with our stall at the Rotary Motorfun brought in a total of 1,187.51.


We would like to thank everyone for their support and hard work.


he annual sponsored Scooter Run, Wheelchair Push and Walk was held on Sunday 7th September. As you know this is one of our big fundraising efforts of the year and we had a good turnout. The ladies from the local Alzheimer’s group provided a scrumptious array of sandwiches and cakes at St Gerardine’s Church Hall. We would like to thank both groups for their assistance.


A total of 1,500.00 was raised.


If you have any fundraising ideas please contact Joyce at the shop.

Please remember that the monies collected from these events help us to provide the service to you.

  • Memorabilia--We have a blue Manchester United shirt signed by the youngest Scottish Captain for decades; Darren Fletcher, a football signed by the Scotland Football team that drew 1--1 with Germany, and a baseball cap signed by Formula One great Jacques Villeneuve.  We are looking for offers, please phone.



















To see the full story behind one of our annual walks, ask to see "Shopmobility  -  The Movie!"













Events are correct as of 22nd December 2008.  They may change and/or be cancelled.  Please phone us for updates. 

Anyone wishing to help or take part in any of the above events, please phone 01343 552528