Holmer Green Short Mat Bowls Club

  Holmer Green SMBC was founded in 1988 and is a playing section of the Holmer Green Sports Association located at The Sports Pavilion in Watchet Lane, Holmer Green.

  The Sports Association Pavilion has only sufficient room for a single short mat indoors and therefore the Club only play in the Bucks Single Mat League.  However in 2002 the Club designed and built an outside facility consisting 3 permanent all-weather short mats, which is believed to be the only one of its kind in the country.  This outside facility is used from April to November each year and attracts many members from other local clubs who enjoy playing short mat bowls with us in the summer sunshine.

  The membership of the Club consists 20 who have a roll-up on a Tuesday evening and who represent the club in the Bucks Single Mat League. A further 12 members roll-up on Tuesday afternoons and there are another 16 members who join us to play on the outside mats in the summer.

  A small committee who are elected at an AGM each year runs the Club.  The Current Chairman is Bob Day, he has been in Office for the past 6 years.

  Each summer since the opening of the outside facility the Club invites 15 local club teams to take part in a one day triples competition which is played for the Holmer Green Masters Cup.   Past Winners of this Cup are Widmer End B, Haddenham and Chinnor.

  The Clubs’ successes in the Bucks Single Short Mat League include

The Hazells Challenge Shield

The Triples KO Trophy

The Summer League 2005



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