Dalby Forest Vistors' Centre

Public Observing Evenings are popular events held at the new Visitors' Centre, Low Dalby. Located just to the North of the car park in the centre of the map.

The evening consists of a "Tour" of the Night Sky highlighting the constellations on show, and the positions of some of the objects visible through the telescopes.

For the next public observing night check the events calendar.

If you have been to an observing evening in the past, note that we have changed location. Please park in the car park between the old and the new vistors' centres. If you are arriving late and are OK to walk along the car park, please try and park at the end of the car park nearest the old vistors' centre to reduce light polution. Remember to bring a a torch with you!

Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service.
Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.