The Society Forum

We have set up an online forum for society members. It's hosted at phpBB which is a free service (so expect a few google ads). That's the only down side.

The good side is that we have set up a number of forums that are viewable without registering (John's event anouncments for example) and if you register as a user you can access all the society forums we have created.

Registering is easy, you just need to enter a user name and your email address and that is it. So please register, join the forum and become an active SARAS member!

The primary purpose for setting up the forum was to provide a central point where people can go to get the latest information i.e. if a members night has been called off due to bad weather etc. So this should be the place to visit before setting off to Low Dalby when the weather looks dodgy.

Matt has set up many other sections too, a place to post and view astro photography images that members have taken, a place to share your observations, and a place where you can advertise any equipment you may want to sell or are wanting to buy. Should we call it Ken's Corner? -Ed