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  • 60th Anniversary Of The National Parks
    Posted On: 06-July-2009 by Simon Christian The Astronomical Society will be part of the 60th Anniversary activites at the North York Moors National Park Visitors Center at Danby. The event will take place on Sunday July 26th.
  • Our Magnetic Sun
    Posted On: 30-April-2009 by Simon Christian Following up to the presentation on The Magnetic Sun at the last meeting, Alice Courvoisier forwarded on some links for more information on the Sun's magnetic field and space weather.

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    TRACE - SOHO - HINODE (latest)

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  • SARAS Members' Forum Launched
    Posted On: 02-March-2009 by Simon Christian We have set up a new society forum, please see the new Forum link at the top of the page or click on the following link for full details : SARAS Society Forum

  • Comet Lulin
    Posted On: 02-March-2009 by Simon Christian Matt took a nice shot of Comet Lulin.

    Photo details:
    "william optics megrez 72fd and atik 314e cooled ccd mounted on heq5 unguided.
    6 x 30secs stacked in deep sky stacker (free) and tweaked in photoshop cs." - Matt Atkinson

  • Electric Universe
    Posted On: 23-Feb-2009 by Simon Christian If you attended Jeremy Dunning Davies' talk 'Electric Universe', I've added the link he mentioned:

    The book he mentioned is detailed here:

  • Comet Lulin Watch at Low Dalby
    Posted On: 23-Feb-2009 by Simon Christian This week is the best time to catch Comet Lulin. If you are interested in going up to the dark surroundings of Low Dalby, Matt is willing to call anyone interested who would like to go up when the forecast is good.
    Email Matt at with your phone number and he will give you a call if the weather is clear.
  • Celestron Nexstar 6 for sale
    Posted On: 23-Feb-2009 by Simon Christian Matt is selling his Celestron Nexstar 6. 18 months old. Including tripod and goto mount, Celestron wedge (used once) and Celestron f6.3 focal reducer. Boxed. cost £1300.00 new, Selling for £950.00.

    The equipment is set up for astrophotography.

    Details of scope are here

    Contact Matt at the following email address if you are interested:

  • BBC visit the society at Low Dalby
    Posted On: 04-Feb-2009 by Simon Christian The BBC visited the society the other week as part of a programme about light pollution. Below is a photograph of the BBC film crew at the Low Dalby domes, taken by Nick Lawson. Another society member, Matt was also there, "The promise of clear skies was given by the Met Office forecast. When we arrived to set up it was about as clear as we have seen it up at Dalby with the Milky Way stretched from horizon to horizon. However, by the time the BBC crew had arrived, it had clouded over! We managed to show them the brighter items through the gaps and they filmed some shots of telescopes. They conducted a few interviews, leaving at midnight." Photo by Nick Lawson
  • Astronomical Items for sale
    Posted On: 27-Nov-2008 by Simon Christian I was asked by a society member to list some second hand items they have for sale. If you are interested in any of the items below please email

    35mm Pentax MZ50 SLR with case 28-70 zoom £25
    90mm Vixen refractor O.T.A. flourite glass (Made in Japan). Diagonal. Eyepieces. £90
    11¾ inch f/4.7 Truss Tube Dobsonian. Oldham mirror. Extras. £200 ONO
    Celestion SLT 130 GOTO. Newtonian. Eyepieces. Software. £175
    Meade ETX 80 Refractor. 2 Eyepieces. Carry bag. Software. £175

  • Ian Morrison's Jodrell Bank Talk
    Posted On: 21-Oct-2008 by Simon Christian I'm sure all society members will join me in thanking Ian Morrison who presented the History of Jodrell Bank talk last Friday. It was a very memorable evening. Ian's enthusiusm and passion for his work was evident in his entertaining and informative presentation. Check out Ian's 'Pulsar Puzzle' article in August's Sky At Night magazine and also his monthly >>> Night Sky <<< page.
  • Society Members Observing Evening
    Posted On: 21-Oct-2008 by Simon Christian

    The next members observing evening will be at Low Dalby this coming Friday, giving a excellent opportunity to learn and observe the night sky with fellow society members. Remember to give John a call before setting off if the weather looks a bit iffy...

  • Lunar Occulatation Of Neptune - Thursday November 8th 2008
    Posted On: 21-Oct-2008 by John Harper The graphic below illustrates the graze track through North Yorkshire. I hope to be at Low Dalby for the event. (Right click on the image to download it and view the larger image).