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Last Updated 10/12/07

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I am currently in great need for some sponsorship to fund my sport and to ensure that I get a full season next year (15-18 weeks) to keep up with the international racers on the circuit. As a member of the England team some aspects of skiing become cheaper, however the season is still setting my parents back a considerable amount and they cannot keep paying for everything.
Why? you ask, In  return for helping me to reach my goals, I can publicise you/your company all over the world in over 20 international races a year
Thank you. Franki.

Despite a very frustrating season which saw me missing nearly the whole season with an ankle injury, it ended well with good results at the British Seniors and the English Championships and reselection to the England A Team.


*** English Giant Slalom Champion***

British schoolgirls - 1st Giant Slalom
British schoolgirls - 3rd Slalom
British schoolgirls - 1st Combined
British schoolgirls - Best school and best overall team

Watch Franki in action at the Schoolgirls'

Also.. Top British Female in GS at Scottish Christmas Races, scoring 72.27

Thank You very much to my Current Sponsors


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The Skiers Trust
of Great Britain
West4 Health & Fitness