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Across the Cliffs & Far Away...

Edward Albee

Anarchy (+ Trick )

Android Brains

Dodgy Antiques (The Vase)

Arab Spring (May 2011)

Art + on Hockney + an Aspect

Great Art books


Austerity (in Europe) + Anti

Austerity backlash

People in Authority

Crazy Authority $ Stupendous Greed


Bad Ragaz

James Baldwin

MAD Bank-rates


Installing a Bathroom

The BBC/Apartheid scandal

On Beachy Head (pix)

On the Beach (pix Nov 2011)

The Beats + in Arizona + MORE

Who to Believe (sup-1 2011)

ditto (sup-2 2011)

The Bennell & Weinstein scandals

The bin Laden affair

When B(P)IG Business SQUEALS

'The BLOB'

Bonkers on Bonkersness

Books in my life

When to be Born

Buffet's Status Quo


Destruction of Business (ambiguous)

Buy Nothing Day link


Blaise Cendrars (a writer's fate)

Charlie Hebdo (French satirical mag)

The Chess Tournament

Circumcision joke/poem


Climate-change charts

Climate charts (+ pix of seafront)

Climate DEBATE

Climate: Ice Melt


Climate (the perpetual fix-up)


Thomas Cole (paintings - 4 x life)

MAD Combustion

3 Comments (Mar 2010)

Consciousness (with alcohol)

Consciousness (synthesised)

Consciousness (Wilson)


Making Contact

The Coup (Gore Vidal)

Andrew Curran (neurologist)

Playing at Decisions

In Defence (of the website)

BIG Delusions + also

Denmark (autobiog)

On Depression (Rowe)

On Difficulty

Distribution of wealth (archive chart)

Two Documentaries

On Doing things that need Doing

just DON'T do it! (also: just UNdo it)

Ariel Dorfman

Dream-weird (analysed)

Driving through Oregon

Never a DULL moment

MAD swindles - DUPING the public

Dystopia - ('CLASSIFIED' a story)

How Education works

Educational experiment

MAD Education

Pointless Effort

EMPIRE (20.3.14 by Petra)

Weird Episodes

Establishment toady Institutions

Trip into Europe (2013) ....also 2014

Limits of Experience

Fitzgerald + Chekhov on 'wealth'

Food-banks £&$ billionaires

Foto Finished - a story (a contribution)

Imagined Future

More on the Future

200 years back or ahead


Gay or Straight?

Getting gripped

Gaia + Lovelock's ECD

Greece (Syriza - 25.1.15) + 23.2.15

Guns Olympic

Gurdjieff on 'energy'

Hastings Sunsets (pix) + 21.11.12

Health Issues + BIG Pharma Kill

My friend Heathcliffe


Trailing Hesse


Christopher Hitchins also Peter

Hockney's Art


Inside Hospitals

Hypocrisy (the bin Laden affair)

Celebrating the Idle life

Idle Reflections

Idling - 1

Idling - 2

Imagine.... (flying saucer)

Imagined future...

Indifference Threshold

Clive James (2008) + 2009

Jubiludicrous ..(on the 2012 jubilee)

The Slow KILL (BIG Pharma, etc.)

More on the Slow KILL (on Health)

In the Lab

Enforced Labour


Great Literature - plus: Authors

Inside a Luminarium

MAD... ( +EMPIRE by Petras)

Horace McCoy


Mind layering ...+>> Loneliness

Creating MONEY

The Mad Money Syphon

Follow the Money (& grab it back)

Follow the Money (projects)

The Money Fix

The Money Swindle

Mossad & 9/11




New Orleans

Olympic swastika

Guns Olympic

Olympics as Wacky-Races

BIG Options

Over the Years

Rod's pisstake: youtube>>> (27-mins)

Me Running: youtube>>> (4-mins)


Idle Poetry (for Christmas)

Me & Politics

UNIVERSAL political corruption

Poppy Cock

Power & Authority (against kids)

Something Powerful

MAD Pricing

Mad Psycho

Gloomy Psychology

Quid pro quo (or 'Kid pro quo')

3 Quotes + video (Mar 5 2010)

Radio-4: political climate 1963

Who's Scared of Reality?


Reflective Lucky-dip


Rich People Rule

Ritual, Religion, Prejudice

The GREAT Remembrance charade


Withering Revelations

Riots (+ Delusion)

tales by ROD: King Horn & The Trap

Rough weather (pix)

In the Rumpus

Insurance Scam

Scotish Independence

The Selfish Atom

The Mad Sham

Thoughts of a Sage

Wallace Shawn (+ Miller's bathroom)

On Short Stories

The BIG Silence (+ BIG Upheaval)


Software...(2bn seconds)

Deep Space


Steinbeck + (in Tasmania )

The Stretched-out Brain

electro-chem stunt

On Suicide +lower (on same page)

Global Surveillance

Swift Exits

Swiping around

A Technical Interlude

Studs Terkel



Why is everyone so THICK?

Rushing towards... (TIME)

Time Hoover

Transposing formula (time dilation)


Trip to Europe (2013) ...also 2014

Language of Tyranny (Hedges)

Ukraine (21.1.15) + 11.2.15

Just UNdo it

Unseen War

Upside Down (+ eating like pigs)

Utopia ('ALEX' a story)

MAD Ventures (political - Mar 2014)

Gore Vidal + 'Authors' (with Capote)


Volcanic blurt


Wacky-Races (The Olympics farce)

Lost Wars (makes BIG-Corp rich)

Perpetual War + Jenkins

Unseen War

Wealth (Fitzgerald & Chekhov)

Rough Weather (pix) + kiosk

The Wedding Party

The Weinstein & Bennell scandals

Why education

Tennessee Williams

Work -Terkel

The future of WORK (bathroom)

Two Writer Documentaries

Writing Crazy

Yo Ho Ho (& a bottle of RUM)

Zen + Zen

Zombies (the 'alternative vote')