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Picture from 'The Book of Sand'

Note on site Text

This site is intended primarily as a LARK. So go first to the stories - some of which are quite weird. Then try the self-indulgent autobiographical items. After that... check around.

Because classifications merge, some items may appear misplaced: ie, an article under 'Great Minds' might seem more to belong in 'Perceptions', or an item in 'Political' seem more appropriate in 'Stories'. Placing them was an uncertain subjective decision.

One fabulous spin-off of the site is that it presents me with a 'soap-box' - Ta-Rah! And who, in the present political climate, could resist a chance to spout venom at the Establishment and its shabby Fascist activities? Being more attracted to concepts of anarchy than conformity, my essays will doubtless appear to some readers as abrasive and 'dangerous' - though what, I wonder, could be more lethal than the brutal greed-ridden, war-mongering, biosphere-destroying Fascist mob we have currently ruling over us?

Added Feb 2013: (This page was written in 2006, 3-years after 2-million demonstrators in London + numerous intellectuals and many others across the world had been totally ignored by the UK government which thought it better that > a million people should be murdered, the lives and homes of millions of others should be wrecked... etc, etc. in order to placate a mob of Zionists, justify the US military economy, boost the arms industry, and grab some free oil into the process.... And the climate crisis continues to mount.)

But if no-one reads any of this, who'll know? So long as MI5 or the CIA don't come banging the door in...

As you'll soon realise, I'm no writer. If I was, this site would be more gripping, more concise and probably more alarming. And I'd be writing books and articles to sell - instead of spending time doing it here for nothing. Or not quite nothing, because there's always that peculiar warm feeling one gets from just the act of creating - even, curiously, when there's little prospect of an audience.


...there's always the pictures to look at. And more will be added.

 Hi, I'm z-lex! Click to read about me. Even though, naturally, I quite like some of what I write, I recognise ( too clearly) that amongst other things, it lacks 'shine' - a key detail that renders it un-sellable.

Rod, however, who conceived of and gave birth to this site, thinks my writing is mostly fine, and he is much more enthusiastic than I about the site. Since it was him who nudged me along (see 'Profile'), I suppose that stands to reason. I wish I could share his veiw - or improve enough to justify it. Alas, I don't have the necessary experience, depth of vision - whatever it is - that strange elusive quality that shines out from the work of Hesse, Dostoyevsky, Kafka, Conrad, and many others. I'm glad of Rod's enthusiasm, though, because I enjoy writing, even if I am stuck at some inferior superficial level - because as I say: it's the creation... so I keep at it. (I've told Rod: if he can sell any of my stuff, then he's more than welcome to the royalties - he certainly deserves them more than I do).

I should explain on top of all that (and as a kind of excuse for what I also readily acknowledge to be poor syntax), that every time I glance back at some item or other, a story, essay... I flinch, and feel impelled to re-write. Everywhere I look I see phrases, words, sentences, even whole paragraphs, that need tweaking - or deleting! Often some new thought: a better description, a more apt expression... springs into my head, and I can go on forever like this. Nothing's ever finished - leaving me feeling stupid and hopeless for appearing to not notice or for failing to make corrections.

What rescues me from this mad situation of continual attempts to correct and improve, is reminding myself of the following quote from Chekhov (see also 'Writing Stories'):

'... ... only he is an emancipated thinker who is not afraid to write foolish things.'

...or of the inept way they're written, I add. There's the thought, too (which also rescues me), that at least one person (Rod) appreciates my meagre creative efforts. It's true that (litererally) a couple of other people have spoken politely of it... but no more than that.

But in the end, after me and Rod have had our fun from the mad stories and commentaries, the ideas for which leap inexplicably into my head, it's you as reader who I hope (as a kind of bonus) can get something from it too... so dive in - make yourself at home!

....................................................................Phil Clarke (Nov 06)