Basque Dub Foundation

Basque Dub Foundation - Sustraidun Roots Dub - Massive Sounds.

Inaki Yarritu is a multi talented keyboard player, over the years hes worked hard at bringing some of reggae top artists to Spain for concerts promoted by Massive Promociones. Inspired by this he began working on a dub album with some of the visiting bands. When he came to London he continued to work on the project, and the result is the excellent work.Full of memorable Spanish and Basque melodies over some very well constructed reggae rhythms.

  1. Ministerio Del Dub
  2. El Secuestro Del Dub
  3. Mandela
  4. Fade Away Dub
  5. Reggaematic Soundclash
  6. Satta Amasaganna
  7. Praises Dub
  8. Tributo a King Tubby
  9. Peace Love and Unity
  10. Txlaaparta Steppers Dub
  11. Txori Txikia
  12. El Fin Del Las Tregua
  13. Basquedelic One Drop
  14. Codigo Nazareno
  15. Dub Abstracto
  16. Dub Contra MTV
  17. Discrimination Positiva
  18. Memories


Produced By Inaki Yarritu