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The Ring Craft Posse - St Catherine In Dub - Moll Selekta - CD

A very interesting selection of dub - from Blackbeard. Like the vocal set - the actual origins of some of the tracks - do seem at odds with known reggae history - but rhythm swapping goes back a long way in reggae music. Overall these fourteen tracks are not the usual kind of stuff, the engineering on this comes mainly from Ruddy T - which would suggest that the bulk of the stuff was probably mixed at Joe Gibbs. Its hard to say, it doesn't sound like King Tubby's. The rhythms feature a selection of musicians including Sly and Miky Boo on drums, Robbie and Lloyd Parks on Bass, Winston Wright and Ansell Collins on Keyboards. Plus a massive horn section - Bobby Ellis, Roland Robinson, Dean Fraser, Dave Madden. Some of the best in the business.


Various Artists - Don't Give Your Culture - Moll Selekta - CD

Production credits on these oldies compilations are getting more and more confusing. If this set is supposed to a Blackbeard produced set what is Jacob Miller's 'False Rasta' and Dread Inna Babylon' doing on it, likewise with The Mighty Diamonds 'Jah Jah Bless The Dreadlocks' Some rhythms and productions in reggae are very confusing. But I have never know any doubt about these tunes. If these are different mixes - it would be better to say so. Aside from this, this is a great set of roots tunes from 1972 to 1984. All contained in a lavish 4 fold digipak.