Blacker Dread

Various Artists - Rhythm 2 Rhythm -Vol 8 -Blacker Dread

Many many years ago - the one rhythms was very easy to understand 12-14 cuts of a rhythm. After a while it went all the way down to 8 - no problem - it was still nice to get X amounts of cuts of a rhythm all in one place. Then things started to change - rhythms no longer carried the name of the tune. Then the albums started to carry two rhythms instead of one - finally with the CD - the track count jumped to 20 or more. You put all this lot together and you end up with this CD. Which is a good work - but is still confusing. 'Real Iron' is not on this album it would make a great title for a instrumental - that would bring the track count up to 15. That would be a great CD. 'From Creation' one of Blacker Dread greatest tunes would be better served as another set. The five tracks present here are not enough. Hopefully the next Rhythm album will be that set.