Dada Tuari

V/A - Sound Man Shots - The Caribou & Downbeat Story - Snapper Music

Dada Tuari holds a special place in the story of reggae music. He was the first man to set up a real record company in Jamaica. The Jamaican Recording Company in 1956. The company could do everything - although I'm still not sure where he did his recording. But record them he did. This 2 CD set cover not only his Jamaican productions - but also features the music he put out on the Downbeat label. This is American R&B for the most part - not sure how Paul Anka got a release on the label - but its here anyway. The Caribou CD finds Jamaica in a strange mood this is mento being mixed with every style you can imagine and then some. Count Lasha, Lord Tanomo, Count Sticky and Laurel Aitken feature on the 19 sides here. Laurel's works holds the most interest for me being closes to what is known as 'Shuffle Beat'. The Downbeat CD is great packed full of R&B classics. Including Tab Smith's 'My Mother's Eyes' The packaging on this is superb with great sleevenotes by Jeremy Collingwood.