Dandy Livingstone

Dandy Livingstone - Suzanne Beware Of The Devil - Trojan

One of the greatest singer/songwriters of the late sixties early sevienties was Dandy or Dandy Livingstone. Not only that, he was a great producer/engineer and musician. And the bulk of his work was done in the UK. Recorded and Mixed in the UK - and sounding as good as anything from Jamaica. They might not sound such a big deal now, but then it was. UK reggae production - just did not sound right. This man got it right time and time again. Of the 25 tracks present you get all the big hits which are known and loved. Yet its the lesser known tracks like 'East of Suez' and 'Jungle Walk' that are amazing. The latter released in 1968 taps into the wild sound of what Lee Perry was doing, only better!!!!!

Dandy - Your Musical Doctor - Downtown - 1969

Robert Thompson/Dandy/Dandy Livingstone's contribution to so called British Reggae is immense. Working out of mainly the Chalk Farm studio in North London with bands like The Rudies/Greyhound and The Cimarrons he always seemed to get a good sound. His records had an attention to detail that other producers working with the same people were never able to get. This set is a mix of songs and instrumentals. Dandy's singing style was light, perfect for the reggae style of rhythm. And is best heard on 'Here I Go Again'.