Dubwise Productions.

Judy Green - The Mirror - 10"

Daddy Freddy - Can't Stop We

A style that goes all the way back to Fabian Miranda and 'Prophecy'.

These kind of tunes need heavy weight rhythms to work And both

these tunes feature that. This one is mixed by Russ Disciples and works

very well. Judy's voice holds up well against the rhythm.

Daddy Freddy is a great DJ one of the best - but is not suited to

roots rhythms.



Judy Green - Fear The Feeling - 10"

Daddy Freddy - War

The same style, different mixer. This one finds Dougie

Wardrop in the chair. Once again its another song in the

same style sung over a very heavy steppers style rhythm.

Although just different enough so you can tell the difference

in mixing styles. When it comes to Freddy though its the same