Clint Eastwood


Eastwood And Saint - Stop That Train - Greensleeves

DJ duo's have always been successful in reggae - to the extent that Chakademus and Pliers took that success into the pop charts. Clint Eastwood and General Saint, never had that kind of success - but ten years before Chakademus and Pliers - they were working the same idea - and they got close very close. Produced by Chris Cracknell, this album 'Stop That Train' is probably the first Dancehall/Pop album. It predates the success of people like Smiley Culture who came into the pop charts with the fast style mc-ing. This is more traditional than that. And all the time you are listening you can't help wondering what this would have sounded like with the Roots Radics pounding away, but that kinda misses what this is about. The Inity Rockers provide the rhythms, and they do a great job. Another part of the great reggae jigsaw puzzle.