Fred Locks

Fred Locks - Glorify The Lord - Blacker Dread

The chanting vocal style of Fredlocks the Dreadlocks is one much loved amongest reggae people - coming as he after the likes of Burning Spear and Pablo Moses - and with something a little bit different from those two mighty talents. It was the mid seventies and reggae was in the grip of its own cultural revolution. Fred Locks should have gone onto greater things - but a much needed second album never appeared - Fred - then linked up with the Creation Steppers - once again it seemed like a good move - but nothing really happened. It wasn't until the nineties and a connection to Fatis that Fred Locks was back on the track. A second album for Fatis was released - and then another big gap until now. And this set produced in fine style by Blacker Dread continues on that great work. There are not too many ways to produced some one like Fred Locks - but this is the way - great songs with powerful multi-textured rhythms. Magnificent.