Henry 'Junjo' Lawes

DJ Clash - 3 The Hard Way - Greensleeves

The early eighties saw such an abundance of new DJ's that was it was very very hard to keep up. So the DJ clash sets came forward usually featuring two DJ's five tracks a piece. The two DJ clash's set that Greensleeves released at the time featured Nicdemus v Toyan and Little Harry v Billy Boyo. The five Toyan tracks are now to found on Toyan's 'How The West Was Won' set. While the remaining 15 tracks from Demus, Boyo, and Harry are to be found here. And what a collection!!! Aside from the early work of three great DJ's, you get Junjo giving us a selection of rhythms not normally recut in a dancehall style. Its a real surprise to hear 'Dirty Harry' being reworked by the Radics. And its a great idea, new DJ's new rhythms. Once again showing just how talented a producer Junjo was always looking for new talent - and always working a new ideas. A great work.