Jah Thomas


Jah Thomas - Dance On The Corner - Roots

Jah Thomas, was part of the new wave of deejays around the early eighties. Unlike Yellowman etc, he got into producing and he quickly became better known as a producer rather than a deejay. Yet as a deejay he made some great tunes, and great albums and this is one of them 'Dance On The Corner'. Which was a massive hit on Midnight Rock - Jah Thomas's label. But that was not a one off tune, as the rest of this ten track set confirms. Its a solid deejay set, with plenty of little twists and turns in the lyrics and the rhythm, all built with The Roots Radics. This reissue on Roots, part of the Acid Jazz group is clean sounding and sticks to the first issue of the album, no bonus tracks, and there is nothing wrong with that. A bonus track or tracks should be that, not filler!!!