Jah Love Muzik

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As stated many times before on this site, reggae is made up of events. Everything is, but you need the balance to be in the plus side rather than in the bad or sad side. This DVD is so right smack in the good side, the best Dancehall DVD I have seen!!! Its got everything. For the first half hour nothing seems to happen, its just the Biltmore Ballroom slowly filling - Jamaicans, a few white people and the Japanese tourist female reggae fan. Who the cameraman keeps zooming in on for reasons that are pretty evident. Then you hear the sound of Israel Vibration 'Why Worry' the single cut - this is always the single that dance is about to start.

Out from nowhere bounds a young looking DJ who looks like Big Youth, sounds like Big Youth, but is in fact Santa Ranking!! His set his more than good enough but then up steps Briggy and then its just gets wilder and wilder and wilder!!! Briggy is great like always but when he passes the mic to the first of so many supers - you are left in wonder - in no time at all you are listening to Johnny Osbourne, then Sugar Minott, then Ranger, than Nicodemus. Somewhere along the way Phillip Fraser joins the crew a real massive. The man should be given some kind of award for this DVD!!! Its just pure good vibes - like I have said the best very best dancehall DVD I have seen. Sound System at its very very best!!! Many many thanks to Dave Brown.