The Jays

The Jays - The Right Solution - Studio One - LP

Better known perhaps for there work at Channel One, its never the less great to see them working for Studio One. Once again great songs and singing is matched by some of the best and biggest rhythms ever built at Studio One. And on every occasion The Jays come up with the goods. Another 14 track set. It would be interesting to known when this was voiced. Its sounds fresh, but who knows with Studio One. Its very important that artists like The Jays are able to come forward and make new music. Perhaps Coxsone could get Hell and Fire and Earth and Stone back into the studio ago. The vocal group tradtion is a fine one in reggae music. And this set upholds that tradtion in fine style. Hopefully CDs like this will be picked up by the likes of Soul Jazz so that they can reach a bigger audience.