Junior Dan


Junior Dan - Reggae Road Map - Hi Try

Roots to people who grew up in the seventies means something - natural - or ital. It was a sound free of drum machines - sequencers - digital was a long way away. Even multi-track machines were only 4 or 8 track . Perhaps Dynamics had a 16 track. But the sound those people made back then as endured. Junior Dan is from those times so its only 'Natural' for him to go back to something which as brought people all over the world so much pleasure.

And it wasn't only the sound, it was the message - peace and love in a world full of war and hate is something that needs to heard as well. The 12 tracks to be found here all have such a message be it to humanity or on a much personal level. Vocally Dan takes in a lot of people. Touches of Joe Higgs - a Jamaican folk music style that is more spoken than sung. Carl Gayle used the same style on his debut album. A great album that is from time - and out of time at the same time!!!


Junior Dan - Look Out For The Devil/Give Thanks No Skanks - Hi Try - 10"

A great bass and keyboard player - Junior Dan made a big impact with his work on Fredlocks 'Black Star Liner' - then came his own classic set 'KTW Dub' which he recently made available again - he's constantly working on different reggae project - and one of them is to make sure his own works including music not heard before his now released. This 10" is the first work. And what a work it is! A great tune with a great sound recorded at the Black Ark. 'Give Thanks No Skanks' is the vocal cut to a tune on a 'KTW Dub'. Real Deep Roots music. Essential.