Kiddus I

Kiddus I - Graduation In Zion - Dub Store

The first I knew about a Kiddus I album was way back in 1978, when a advert appeared in Carl Gayle's Jah Ugliman! This is not that album - but its still a great work from the man. You do wonder what the problem is sometimes - he's another artist with a great voice, can write great songs, and yet its took all this time for a company to sort it out. Give thanks to Dub Store in Japan. Its of course a collection of singles - sung in that roots style that followers of Martin Campbell would enjoy. Its not a dancehall style - but its still very casual. The rhythms begin in the late rockers era and go into the early eighties roots style - and feature a wide range of musicians. Its seems that this is the first of three albums coming from the man.