Luton Fyah


Lutan Fyah - Africa - 2B1

Very unusual for a reggae artist to put out a double CD, but this is the second time Lutan as done this, and its the second time he's done it in fine style! Some great songs and great lyrics, and excellent lyrics. He tends to go from the Sizzla style - or the Bobo style back into a straight vocal. Its the title track where you can hear the vocal style at best. He's got a really clear voice - and the song is very clever play on words - Its a love song - with a difference. But one song does not make an album, not even a dozen in grim days - and to fill up two cds - is an hard task, but every track as got a lot going for it in terms of production. Someone said that Lutan, along with someone like Jah Mason are something new again to reggae music - not singers, not djs. Not even singjays. Listening to this set, they could be right!

Lutan Fyah - Phantom War - Greensleeves

This man was a football player before he got into music. It might explain the choice of a stage name. Then again it might not, for the mad hatters have done little blazing in recent years. This is his third set, and works very well. Itís a slowed down Sizzla singing style, Fantan Mojah employs it very as does a number of upcoming roots singers. Some of them can forget though that all singing needs good lyrics. This set as got that. Over and over again, Lutan comes forward with great songs 'Blood Stain' 'Snares Of Death' and of course the title track 'Phantom War' And once again its very good to see Greensleeves releasing music like this. It shows hopefully that the release of the Fantan Mojah set was not a one off.