No Doubt


Various Artists - '83 Rhythm - Greensleeves

It must be well over a year since Greensleeves released there last one rhythm album - this set is not part of that series but it could be. Its good enough to be. A 14 track set featuring the likes of Richie Spice, Spanner Banner, Warrior King, Tony Rebel, Natural Black - and produced by Kemar McGregor. Its a one drop set that is works very well. The big hit on the rhythm is Queen Ifrica's 'Daddy' a reality song about child abuse. In the past reggae music lead the way in social comment - in recent years that as not been so evident - so this song is good on many levels. Another good tradition of the one rhythm albums is the new talent. Bobby Tenna sounds like he could go far and so could Teflon. Another welcome feature of this set is that its 14 tracks thats enough for most people, know matter how good the rhythm is!