Paul St Hilaire


Paul St Hilaire & Rene Lowe - Faith - False Tuned 12"

Paul St Hilaire, formely known as Tikiman knows how to write songs, and a got a great voice. Its fragile and gentle, and it needs rhythms that compliment meant that. This tune is in the same style as produced by Rhythm And Sound, Rene Lowe's production is clearly influenced by them - and that can only be good. And its excellent. Full of textures and colours that enhance Paul's voice and song.

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Paul St.Hilaire - Unspecified - False Tuned - CD

It could only happen in reggae music, coming up to a year ago Paul St.Hilaire formely known as Tikiman releases this set 'Unspecified'. Which is a magnificent follow up to the 'Showcase' set released and produced by Rhythm And Sound in 1998. This one produced by Paul and Rene Lowe is just as good, full of rich textures of sound, great singing, great lyrics. And it doesn't even cause a blip on the reggae radar. What bothers me about this, is that if you are making a determined effort to find good reggae music to report on, and this kind of album takes a year to filter through. How much other stuff just gets totally lost for years! This set should be owned by all lovers of deep roots reggae music.