Richie Spice

Richie Spice - Africa Calling - Penitentiary

Richie seems to have got it right with the 'Gideon Boot' set - but it seems just before the release of that came this 'Africa Calling' - the production team of Red Square are behind this one it seems - and thankfully its another magnificent work full of great rhythms and songs. Its just very puzzling that an album of this kind by such a high profile artist can just creep out without too many people knowing about it. The Reggae Distribution system as always been very very fragile - but it worked up to a point - and there is no way that a set like this could slip through the net. Anyway - as already stated this another great album from the man - really hope he does very well for him and these Red Square people.



Richie Spice - Gideon Boot - VP

Nearly two decades ago a young youth by the name of Yami Bolo came forward - backed by the likes of Augustus Pablo, Junior Delagado and Niney - everything looked set for him to be a major talent in reggae music - and then came his first album and then his second - four albums came and went and there was a problem. Finally thankfully he did - and it took Leggo Beast and a wild steppers sound complete with electric lead guitar to get Yami up and running - and he's not looked back. Come forward Richie Spice another a great talented young youth - surrounded by people who should be able to give him the push and yet just like Yami its took him five albums to get it right - and what a way to do it!!! Produced mainly by Bobby Digital its a got an amazing selection of songs - and some great rhythms. Its a real pleasure to hear the likes of 'Johnny Too Bad' recut - it could be the first time in decades!!! Now hopefully Richie will follow the path of Yami and give us more great works.