Shalom - The Ancient - Wackies

With Basic Channel in Germany concentrating on the Wackies back catalogue, its given Lloyd Barnes the time and money to start releasing new albums again. Something that is long overdue. In the past ten years or so - there have been plenty of hints of things to come from Wackies, but nothing as really happened. This set from Shalom, which I think his is debut album - is sign of things are about to change. A 16 track showcase set, 8 vocals 8 dubs, that is as as any of the classic sets on the label. Shalom sounds like a few people, but its a good vocal style and his lyrics are very good. He likes to stick to cultural/reality matters on this set, and it works very well. Lloyd in turn pulls out a few classic rhythms from the past as well. And they sound as good as they ever did, nothing wrong with that, and there is nothing wrong with this - excellent.

Shalom - Love Of Jah - Wackies

This one is a little bit different from the above, the same high quality vocals and productiion - but on the lyrics front. Its a different style. Take for example the first track 'Little Green Apples' - Shalom does a very good job on it, but someone is going to have to explain to me why so many reggae singers love this tune?! You could probably make a one rhythm, one song album on this tune! The rest of the tracks, take in reality, and a few love songs. There is a remix of one, and a duet with Horace Andy. Which makes me wonder if Horace is back at Wackies? The artwork is also really good with lots of pics of the Wackies studio, and the master tapes. I wonder what gems are there. Things and time will tell!