The Slickers - Breakthrough - Makkasound.

You really do have to wonder what on earth was going on at the Black Art studio back in the late seventies. This is a Lee Perry album, it might say Clive Hunt & Earl Chinna Smith produced it, but as the two have them have made anything like this before or since, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that this was Scratch trying to make sure this set didn't go the same way as the Meditations album, left to rot in the Island vault. Rather than making truly dumb documentaries about Exodus - Chris Blackwell's time would be better spent making sure album like The Meditations and the Pablo sets from Perry get released. Meanwhile back on this set, we get another kind of dumbness, three instrumentals that don't seem to have any connection to the rest of album at all. This set is excellent, think Congoes but why couldn't we have some dubs from the tunes. Or just release the 9 tracks as it?