The Tennors


The Tennors - Reggae Girl - Trojan 2CD

Gradually the reggae underground heroes are getting there due. At one time in reggae music - there was a kind of equal status based on the goodness of your last tune. It meant that anyone could be a "superstar" for a while. This double CD from Trojan puts into the frame one such group The Tennors. With 52 tracks that go all the way from the Rock Steady era up to the the Roots era of the mid-seventies. Best known for 'Pressure And Slide' for Studio One. The group used this hit as a platform to build on, and build they did.George Murphy the leader of The Tennors followed that tune with other massive hits like 'Ride Your Donkey' and 'Reggae Girl'. Which is the basis of this album. That came out on the Big Shot label. What this set does is expand on that in all directions, from versions by DJ's by people like Delroy Jones to instrumental cuts - Winston Wright, Charlie Organaire, Karl Bryan and Vin Gordon. Other friends of the Tennors like Monty Morris and Roman Stewart also pop up. Putting this musical jigsaw together in fine style is the man Harry Hawke.