Ranking Toyan - Ghetto Man Skank - Roots

Toyan is yet another popular deejay from that era, I can't recall if he went into producing, but he certainly made some great deejay albums. 'How The West Was Won' for Junjo is a true classic. And this is the same style. Toyan had a more chesty kind of version of Big Youth's style. He also had lyrics galore. And over the massive Roots Radics style rhythms with Jah Thomas at the controls - he really couldn't go wrong. The themes on the album are so typical of the time. 'Nice It Up' 'Raving' 'Rock It' 'Super Duper' 'Proud A Me' all of them were heard time and time again on the sound systems tapes that burst out of Jamaica in the early eighties. Toyan was at the forefront of all the styles and ideas at the time. And this set puts it altogether in one place.